Since ZPAL Beetle was released, many mod players have had experience on that. A variety of products made by ZPAL appeared in the market, though, this is the one novel and appealing ever with a favorable quality.

Beetle features simple design of exterior and small vapor. Yet the flavor also adds value to this type of atomizer. No surprise with the size, it enters market with a diameter of 22 mm. Of all the finished vapes in market, most of them adopt the same diameter. The output required is relatively low, so it as well allows smokers to enjoy DIY in more flexible ways. The outward appearance looks round but square. It’s where the name of Beetle originates. Two different cores of 1.7 and of 0.5 respectively make the atomizer a very classical one. As for the drip tip, you are provided with two. One is of mental material. And the other one is made by PEI. After taking a drag, you will find that both of them two are comfortable. Having said that, the interface is produced with a special size rather than a generally accepted 810. Besides, the internal configuration of this type is favorable as well. A proper deploy of holes on the core of atomizer makes it effective and efficient to deliver oil. As this type of product is positioned in catering the beginners, the flavor may not be very attractive to some smokers who enjoy big clouds. Anyway, users can be free of the worry of leaking oil. Apart from those mentioned above, the nicotine strength in Poly-Fill is low than others. So Beetle might be the right alternative for those who want to get rid of the harm caused by nicotine.

Put it in a nut shell, ZPAL Beetle is a satisfying device in terms of its novel design and favorable flavor. And you can never taste condensation in any puff. Wish you a satisfied experience with ZPAL Beetle.

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