How to use Wismec Cylin RTA?
1. Unscrew the two screws on the atomizer base, fix the coil on it and then tighten screws again.
2. Put a cotton through the coil.
3. Screw the atomizer tube onto the atomizer base tightly, and then drip a few drops of e-liquid into the coil to make it fully saturated.
4. Press the mouthpiece onto the top cap, aiming the two notches of the cap at the ones on the atomizer tank, press the top cap into atomizer tank.
5. Aiming the two notches of the tank at the ones on the tube and press it, then the whole atomizer is assembled.

How to fill?
Unplug the top cap, inject the e-juice into the cambered slot. After filling, put the top cap into the atomizer tank again. You can adjust the e-liquid inlet rotating the top cap, anticlockwise to enlarge and clockwise to decrease.

How to adjust airflow?
By rotating the airflow control ring at the bottom of the atomizer base clockwise or counterclockwise, you can adjust the airflow and get different vaping experience.

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