Today, I plan to share with you a vape tank that I have used for a long time. This is a very flexible sub-ohm tank, because it brings me a lot of vaping feelings. So let me tell you directly. It is EXO S S Tank from IJOY.

EXO S Tank 1

how about the EXO S Tank

EXO S Tank is one of IJOY’s best-selling Vape Tanks. For this reason, I was curious to buy it. In fact, its performance is really great. EXO S has 3.2ml of e-liquid storage space, so it can well meet the daily vaping needs. It comes with a convenient top filling system. You just need to unscrew the top cup to add the oil. Of course, it also has a bottom airflow control system that we are all familiar with, allowing you more freedom to control the vaping effect you want. EXO S has a 24K gold-plated center pin, so it allows electricity to be more fully transmitted to the coil.

EXO S Tank 2

My favorite part is that it also supports replacing the XS-C4 coil and XS-C1 coil, giving me a super unforgettable experience. When I use XS-C4coil, it allows me to inhale more vapor instantly. It is fantastic. When I use the XS-C1, it can make the smoke oil get a higher reduction, I can get a better taste. Really wonderful. Right, it also comes with an extra glass, so that the storage space for e-liquid becomes bigger, I really like this vape tank. So, I often recommend this product to my friends.

Believe me, if you choose it you will not regret it. The feeling it brings is truly unprecedented. If you want to buy, I recommend that you buy it from Vape online store

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