what should we choose?

So when you plan to buy a vape mod, you must feel that you should change a bigger output device. Is that so? With so many high-powered vape mods, what should we choose? I think Invoke mod from eleaf will be a good choice for you. why? Let’s meet it together

Invoke Mod


What is the secret of Invoke mod?

Then you will want to know why Invoke is recommended. Then let me explain it to you. The Invoke mod is a new product launched by Eleaf recently. Like the Eleaf official website, the Invoke mod is a memorable product because it features a 510 thread interface and a large 1.3-inch screen.

The first thing to say is Invoke’s design, its arc design is perfect, and the edges are superbly handled, so it’s very comfortable to hold it in your hand. Invoke mod’s design is very compact, so it has better portability. In terms of performance, this mod is powered by two 18650 batteries and achieves a maximum output of 220W. It comes with a 1.3-inch screen with a simple interface design so that you can easily understand the parameter information.

It is also equipped with Dual Circuit Protection and Reverse Polarity Protection, allowing you to feel more comfortable using it. In addition, it also supports Reverse Charging Capability, which means that when you need it, you can use it as a power bank. Is it super cool?

Invoke Mod


So this is today’s Invoke mod, so would you like it?

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