SMOK has always been based on the innovative label in the electronic cigarette industry, so there are different views for different brands of vapers. Some vapers think that it has changed the original intention of e-cigarettes, and some vapers will feel that SMOK has given e-cigarettes a new life, making it a new way of life.

What is the Priv V8 Kit?

If this is the case, I think the product introduced today may be well accepted by everyone. Today’s introduction is Priv V8 Kit from SMOK. This is a starter kit for beginners that is simple to use. This Kit only has a fire button and a USB charging port, so it is a simple product. On the side of the mod is a large area fire button, so you can select any finger to run when using it. To be commended is that the appearance of this vape kit is very detailed, so I feel nice when using it. Although the surface of the mod was exquisitely crafted, it did not bring a feeling of slippery hands.

What is the Priv V8 Kit?

The Kit comes with the TFV8 Baby Tank, which can store 3ml of cigarette oil. Of course, it is equipped with the Top filling system we are all familiar with, so adding smoke oil is no longer a hassle for novices. At the bottom of it is an airflow adjustment ring, so we are free to control what we want. The best part is that it can replace TFV8 BABY series coils, so only one tank can let us experience different vaping feelings.

Yes, so this is today’s Priv V8 Kit. What do you think?

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