Yes, this time we have to say vapor beast. We discussed the Vape Tank of SMOK many times before. We were particularly impressed by the title Cloud Beast. So how powerful are today’s products? Let’s take a look at the MELO 300 Tank from Eleaf.

 MELO 300 Tank 3

Is the strong vape atomizer what you want?

For vapor chaser, everyone should be familiar with SMOK. How about the performance of today’s Eleaf’s MELO 300 Tank? MELO 300 Tank is available in 3.5ml and 6.5ml versions, but if you really choose this product, I recommend you use the 6.5ml version. why? Vapor chaser should be very clear, that is, the consumption of e-liquid is really too fast. It comes with top filling design that we are all familiar with, so adding smoke oil is an easy task. Of course, it also has an adjustable airflow system that allows you to freely set the optimal amount of air intake. The MELO 300 Tank also supports a removable design that allows you to clean it more thoroughly.

 MELO 300 Tank 2

Most importantly, it is equipped with a powerful ES Sextuple-0.17 ohm Head, which consists of six coils and supports a large 100-300W output from the mod. So you can imagine how much vapor it will bring to you. I think when you are using it, you need to worry that you will win the attention of many people.

 MELO 300 Tank 3



Yes, such a crazy vape tank is what you are looking for? I think you have made a decision, right? This is all today, thanks for watching.

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