Today I want to say this tank, I think it has a feature, then this feature is what? It is a very high degree of recognition. You only need to look at it, then you will remember that it is GS Baby Tank from Eleaf.

How about GS Baby Tank

GS Baby Tank can be said to be a vape tank recently launched by Eleaf. The GS series’ vape tank always gives us a deep impression, because its shape is very slender. The GS Baby Tank has a height of 57mm, a diameter of 16.5mm and a weight of 26g. GS Baby has 2ml of e-liquid capacity, which can be easily stored e-liquid. It is equipped with a Refined Airflow System, allowing you to freely control the amount of air you want. It must be said that the GS Baby Tank is an all stainless steel structure, so it is very strong and durable.

GS Baby Tank

GS Baby Atomizer also supports a removable feature that allows you to clean it more thoroughly. Of course, it also comes with a convenient refill system, you just need to unscrew the atomizer base to add the smoke oil. Most importantly, it can be used with GS Air Coils to give you a more pure taste.

So would this GS Baby Tank, which looks simple but capable, would you like it? You are welcome to tell me your ideas and questions. Thanks for watching

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