Now, vape is no longer limited to a pure vaping experience, it can bring us more different experiences. Just like the vape mod we are introducing today. It can not only achieve high-power output, but also bring us a lot of rich features. It is SkyStar Mod from Aspire.



How is the performance of SkyStar Mod?

The SkyStar Mod is powered by two 18650 batteries and can reach a maximum output of 220W. That’s right. It’s a powerful vape mod. It is not only excellent in performance, but its appearance also gives us an unusual feeling. Aspire offers 5 different colors to choose from, and I believe that any one will come up well with you. What I have to say is that its craftsmanship is superb, so it is particularly comfortable to use it in your hand. In addition, it comes with a 1.3-inch touch screen. This touch screen is very sensitive, so you just click it gently and it will give you quick feedback. In addition, you can also adjust parameters and switch modes directly on the screen, just like using a smart phone. Of course, it also allows you to freely design the display you want, such as vaping time, clock time, and so on.

SkyStar Mod 1

The SkyStar Mod also comes with a convenient battery change system that makes disassembling the battery no longer annoying. For everyone, the most important thing is that SkyStar Mod also has a variety of different protection features, so that you can rest assured that enjoy the vaping bring you happiness.


So this stylish and technologically inspired Aspire SkyStar Mod has won your heart?

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