If you want to try vaping

If you just want to simply try Vaping, I think you can choose a vape mod that doesn’t have a big output, but is good enough for you to experience. So it’s a product that I want to talk about today. It’s This is the iStick 30W Mod from Eleaf.

iStick 30W Mod is a Battery mod from Eleaf. What does Battery mod mean? This means that it is a built-in battery vape mod, so you don’t need to buy extra batteries. The iStick 30W Mod is powered by a 2200mAh internal battery and supports a maximum output of 30W. It comes with a 510 thread interface, so you can use 510 thread Tank with it. This time Eleaf offers black, sliver, red and blue colors to choose from, so you can choose any one you like.


There is an OLED display on the side of the mod, so you can see the information about the mod on it. At the bottom of the mod are two adjustment buttons that let you freely set the output you want. iStick 30W Mod supports USB charging, so you can charge it conveniently. Although it does not have a very strong output, it is enough for you who want a good taste.


So is an iStick 30W Mod like this you are looking for?

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