Today I would like to introduce a Captain PD270 Mod from IJOY. It’s a Box Mod that I’m excited about at the first sight. Then let me tell you what the reason is when I like it so much.

How about Captain PD270 Mod?

IJOY Captain PD270 Mod is an ergonomic design product, so you can use it with your hands firmly. The most impressive is its design. It has 3 series of colors, a total of 54 colors for your choice. I think this time you can choose the one you like. On the side of the mod is a fire button that allows the index finger and middle finger to be pressed together, which is very comfortable to control. The Captain PD270 comes with a high-definition display that intuitively shows you the output information and battery status.

Of course, it comes with two adjustment buttons for you to freely control the output you want. In addition, with a charging port not only allows you to have a convenient charging experience, but also supports you to upgrade the firmware. Supporting firmware upgrade means that your mod can be upgraded continuously to meet your different vaping requirements.

The Captain PD270 Mod is powered by two 20700 batteries and supports a maximum output of 234W. Moreover, with the battery adapter, it also supports the use of the well-known 18650 battery. Is it convenient? Most importantly, although it is powered by two 20700 batteries, the actual size is not much larger than the 18650 battery-powered Box Mod. So, it also gives us a lot of portability. The Captain PD270 comes with a temperature control system that allows you to use it more safely. The Captain PD270 comes with a 510 thread interface, so it will give you more compatibility.

So will this powerful and portable Box Mod be your choice? If you want to buy, I recommend you to Vape online store

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