RTA Tank is one of RBA’s vape atomizers. This is a Vape Atomizer that can rebuild the coil and have the ability to store e-liquid.

Sub-ohm Tank structure

If we talk about RDA, it’s easy for everyone to understand because its construction is easy to understand. But when we talk about RTA, many friends will be puzzled. People even confuse RBA with Sub-Ohm Atomizer. In fact, RTA does have many similarities with Sub-Ohm Atomizer. In order for everyone to distinguish between the two Atomizer structures, today I will use text and images to show you the difference between the two. The picture below is a Sub-ohm Tank structure.

What is the Difference Between RDA and Sub-Ohm Tank 1

RTA Tank structure

Both RTA and Sub-ohm Tanks use the same structure, all with space for e-liquid storage. In fact, the biggest difference between the two is the coil structure. The Atomizer coil used by Sub-ohm Atomizer is familiar to us. It is a fixed-resistance coil and cannot be rebuilt.

What is the Difference Between RDA and Sub-Ohm Tank 2

That is the point

The RTA uses a desk that can rebuild the coil. After the vaper has installed the coil and the cotton, it needs to be screwed into the chimney to cover the coil. This is to separate the e-liquid storage space from the coil to avoid e-liquid leakage. After the chimney is installed, we need to install a glass tube again. This will become a sub-ohm structure, and it will actually store e-liquid. It can be understood by the photo below.

What is the Difference Between RDA and Sub-Ohm Tank 3

What is the Difference Between RDA and Sub-Ohm Tank 4

RTA is a good choice for vaper who likes to build their own coils. They can build their own desired resistance coils, and can also get storage space like sub-ohm Tank. If you like DIY, then RTA will bring you a lot of fun.

Now do you know what RTA is? If you still don’t understand, you can leave a message and tell me. Hope can help you, thanks for watching

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