Diversification of electronic cigarettes

I think of this stage of the current period, electronic cigarettes are no longer stuck in a pure vaping experience. Many e-cigarette manufacturers have added more different elements to vape to make it look more stylish and cool. So today’s TESSERA Mod is what I want to say.

What kind of TESSERA Mod is this?

TESSERA Mod is a new product recently introduced by Eleaf. Its biggest feature is its stylish appearance. TESSERA Mod adds low-poly elements, so it looks very stylish. I think that with it, you need to be prepared for attention. Eleaf provided us with five optional colors: silver, black, red, green, and dazzling. I think it’s still very hard to choose because they are so beautiful.

At the front of the mod is a 1.45 inch TFT color display with a brand new UI system that allows you to freely set the visual effects you want. Of course, it also comes with Real time clock (RTC) system, so you can see the immediate time. In terms of performance, the TESSERA Mod is powered by a 3400mAh internal battery and supports a maximum output of 150W. In addition, it has a 510 thread interface, which means that you can freely change any of your favorite tanks with 510 threads. TESSERA Mod supports 2A fast charging, giving you a more efficient charging experience. What has to be said is that it is also equipped with Dual Circuit Protection, which guarantees strong power while giving you peace of mind.

Yes, then this is all about TESSERA Mod today. If you know more than me, you are welcome to leave a comment below. thanks for watching

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