As a vital part in a vaping device, atomizer is considered as one of the most important components apart from the battery which provide power to the vape kit. Additionally, vapor is produced by heating the coils and turn the oil into vapor. If you want huge vapor, you need get yourself a powerful atomizer. As a new vaper, you should have a basic knowledge of atomizer. This passage is aim to tell you the different types of the atomizers and their special points. What Vapers Should Know About Atomizer?

According to the structure of the atomizer, the atomizer can be divided into two big group: RBA Atomizer, Sub ohm tank. The RBA can be further classified into three parts: RTA, RDA, RDTA. While Sub ohm tank can be redivided into two groups with different functions: one for good taste, one for large vapor.

Coil is another criterion for atomizers. One is sub ohm tank which is often used together with the coil offered. Normally, they do not include DIY base. Due to the structure of the coils, the coils can be changed however, it is hard to renew the flavor and it also takes lots of time. One is RBA, also called Rebuild Atomizer. Players can make coils by themselves.

Most of the atomizer are made for larger vapor or enhanced flavor. Generally speaking, atomizer designed for great flavor is has a long and narrow airflow. The resistance is also higher. While atomizer made for huge vapor, in the other hand, the airflow is often quite large thus making it possible for the air to mix with the vapor so that it can produce large vapor. However, this may influence the flavor.

As can be seen from the above, every atomizer has its advantages. So you need to think for twice before choosing a vape.

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