Box mod, TOO, finally comes to the market. TOO is a new product launched by VOOPOO. The coolest outward appearance as well as the excellent property will definitely make VOOP TOO an amazing one.

On receiving the package, a catchy phrase comes to your eye-balls. It says that TOO CHANGE FOR YOU. First, I would like to show you the selling points of TOO. I have to say, the 0.01 seconds for igniting is extremely appealing to vape lovers. Besides, the single/double electrodes and the fantastic SOFT mode are also amazing. Still, the information provided for anti-counterfeiting is printed on the back of the paper box.

This mod has a size of 88*54*33 and lithium battery of 18650, with special lines on the surface. The material of TOO is aluminium alloy. It is different from the material of both two sides. Color of slid cover will change if you appreciate it from different view points. There are two battery compartments in TOO and each battery holder is designed for single electrode. For the sake of this, users can fix and knock down battery very easily. What’s more, battery can be knocked down whenever you want. Speaking of the power, the output range for single electrode is 5 W to 80 W, and 5 W- 180 W for double electrodes. The connection between battery compartments and slide covers is also good. Put it in your hand, TOO will give you a comfortable sense of touch. Provided the soft mode, TOO works well under a 80 w output. Meanwhile, users are as well able to enjoy a god favor and big vapor. That is the advantage of SOFT mode. No matter what kind of an output it has, the SOFT mode always generates a soft environment. To be honest, TOO is a product deserving your preference.

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