What is Vaporesso’s Story?
Vaporesso was formed as a subsidiary of SMOORE, the earliest and largest manufacturer in the electronic cigarette industry, established in 2006. Vaporesso and SMOORE are proud to host one of the strongest R&D teams and some of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the industry. While previously focussed on e-cigarette OEM and ODM, with some of the world’s largest tobacco brands, Vaporesso’s mission is to bring e-cigarettes to a wider audience, to change the nature of how e-cigarettes are perceived and to bring the latest technology to bear on these new products to ultimately improve the lives of all our users.

What’s the structure of the CCELL vape coils?
The heating element is hard ceramic; it has a micro porous structure so the juice works its way in through the pores to the wire. The heating wire is casted inside the ceramic with a sheet of organic cotton to sit between the hard ceramic and hard metal shell, which is used for anti-leakage. The ceramic coil maximizes the efficiency of e-liquid absorption and heating, it produce the same level of vapor at a lower wattage setting compared to most mainstream coils, with extra benefic of no spitting, no dry hit, self cleaning, better flavor and a longer lifecycle.

How does Vaporesso keep up with vapes’ “trends”?
At Vaporesso we make it our goal to balance our creativity with the market’s direction to guarantee the ideal outcome for the end user. Thanks to our large manufacturing facilities and our capable team we can successfully address demands in a timely fashion making our brand very competitive as well as a trendsetter itself!

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