Vape Forward Stout has a single 26650 battery(comes with an adapter for 18650 battery). With the Wismec temperature control chipset, its maximum output is 100W. Although most Wismec devices look and feel like high quality, the Vape Forward Stout is a notch above the Wismec standard. The Vape Forward Stout is a great box mod that feels, looks, and performs like it was made by a top American manufacturer. Do you know how to use it?

How to Power on/ off
Unscrew the rotatable button cover and put one 26650 cell into the battery body. Press the fire button 5 times in quick succession to turn the device on and off. When powered ff, the screen will display “Vape Forward”.
(Note: Before using, please adjust the wattage to proper range to match the atomizer you used.)
Shift among VW/TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/TCR Mode
When the device is powered on, press the fire button 4 times in quickly succession to enter the mode switching state. By pressing the up or down button to shift among VW, TC-Ni, TC-Ti, TC-SS, TCR M1, TCR M2 and TCR M3 mode.

1. Stealth Function: While the device is on, simultaneously hold the fire button and the up button. This will switch the screen display on and off.
2. Resistance Locked Function: While the device is on, simultaneously hold the fire button and the down button to enter Resistance Lock mode. To disable resistance lock, repeat the procedure.
(Note: Such operation should be carried out at room temperature.)
3. Adjustment Lock Function: While the device is on, simultaneously press the up and down buttons. This will Lock and Unlock the adjustment button functions.

What is Micro USB Port
The USB port can be used for charging and upgrading firmware. It is better to take out the battery cells to charge.

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