If you are only a beginner in the vaping world, it is usually not advisable for you to use RDAs. No matter how easy the manufacturers claim, indeed, the installation of the RDA is not as easy as you may expect. What’s more, there may exist some potential hazards if you misuse the atomizer. In this aspect, RDA is only suitable for experienced vapers.

Among thousands of RDAs, no matter you have one in your mind before or you just completely confused by some many choices. Today, we are going to introduce a great and competitive atomizer for you. The Vandy Vape Bonza RDA, you may have heard it before for some of the most famous websites have already given reviews on it. This will be a different one. Instead of focusing on its strong functions, I want to put more emphasize on its design.

Taking a look at it, you will surely be attracted by its bright colors and the resin material used in the top of the atomizer which makes the whole tank looks more unique and fashionable. If the special color is one buying point, I am sure that the picture on the atomizer is another. Many cool guys will fall in love with this iconic design. The skull on the atomizer adds to the atomizer a sense of coolness. There are four colors: Flat Black, SS (silver), Gold, and Rainbow. If you want your vape stand out from others’, the rainbow color is at your first choice. You can almost experience the change of color just like a rainbow, making your vaping attractive and shinning. In a word, this atomizer wins not only in its performance but also its design.

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