One thing we may experience when we are using the e-cigarette is to clean the vape tank. If we don’t clean up the vape tank regularly, we may taste the previous e-liquid which lingers on the e-cig and this will have an impact on the new flavor. Therefore, it is crucial for vapers to clean up the tank frequently. Today, there are three methods to make a reference.

The Common Method
This method is the standard rinse ways. First, we need to detach all parts of tank. If the tank is not detachable, we need to remove the coil head to check it whether it’s clean or not. Second, take the cup or bowel and fill it with the hot water. We should put the assembled pieces into the bowel or cup. During the process, we can use a small brush to ensure that the tank is cleaned completely. Last, we need to use a paper to dry the tank. If we want to speed up, we can use a blow dryer but it may damage o-rings potentially.

Using the Propylene Glycol or Other Alternatives
If we want to deeply clean the tank, we can soak the pieces into propylene glycol or its alternatives. These alternatives include vinegar, baking soda and ethanol. All we need to do is to soak pieces into these liquid for a half hour. After soaking, we should use the napkin to dry pieces. Having done this, we can clean the tank to a large degree.

Changing the Coil Head in Time
If we tried of cleaning the dirty pieces or the previous flavor cannot be changed through cleaning, we should change the coil head in time to ensure the original flavor of the e-liquid.

It is important for us to clean up the tank to ensure its tidiness and the flavor of the e-liquid. There are so many ways to clean the tank that we can choose whichever we prefer.

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