I am very happy to share my experience with Invader IV. I have been using the Pen Style Kit before, so I really have a lot of fun to share with everyone on today’s 280W machine.


The biggest highlight of this product is not only the lightweight body, but also easy-to-use. When deciding to buy a high power output vape mod for myself, I considered a lot because I felt that their operations were too complicated. However, the Invader IV Kit refreshed my understanding of high power output machines. This device has no complicated buttons or complicated adjustment modes, and only needs one knob to get everything done. The knobs have 5 different levels and I have the freedom to control the energy I want.


RDA Atomizer is not as hard as it might seem. After installing the coil and cotton, i only need to add e-juice directly to the cotton to use. Yes, what I have to tell you is that its vaping effect is really shocking. I want to say not only the taste, but also the production capacity of vapor. The Amazing airflow system allows the vapor to cool down quickly and make the entire suction process smoother. Highly recommended to everyone. Where can I buy the Invader IV 280W Starter Kit? I recommend you buy it at Cloumix. This is the website I often shop. The Vape Kit purchased at Cloumix has a 6-month warranty and it is also available for free-shipping! If you like this product, don’t hesitate

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