One day, when I searched in the OBS official website, I found that OBS has launched a new product, that is Cheetah Ⅱ, When I first saw it, I thought I must have been attracted by it. It’s a new concept and new design ready to bang you all. And then I will show you some details about it.

For Cheetah Ⅱ, you have two options, Cheetah Ⅱ and Cheetah Ⅱmini, of course, both of them are good choice. And for this beautiful vape, OBS has offered 11 colors; black, stainless, red, blue, etc. so you have many choices in color.

Detailed information
The middle airflow of Cheetah Ⅱcan be adjusted, if you have small lung capacity, you can turn down the airflow, it’s very easy to use. Its air circulation system is precise, and the airflow hole has been changed from top to side, which is closer to the wire. So you can get a better e-liquid flavor. 18MM wide bore drip tip made from PEL material, PEL is a kind of material, which is more environment friendly, easy to clean and also durable.

When talking about dripping, in general, some products may just have one way to drip, but for Cheetah Ⅱ, you can drip from the drip tip directly or take off the top cap to drip, don’t worry, both of ways will not have leaking problems. The interesting thing is you can play your imagination, it means that you can DIY. Besides, the newly designed electrode pin Horizontal clamp posts make coils building more convenient and more reliable.

If you worry about its security, there is really no need, you maybe not know, OBS products have anti-counterfeit labels on the bottom of the base. So just feel free to buy.

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