Are you looking for Joyetech Exceed NC Starter Kit? This is a pen kit with a battery capacity of 2300mAh. Who doesn’t like it? Unlike other pen kits, this device comes in two output modes. We can easily switch between the two modes to get the vape effect we want.

I think you need to know more about the Exceed NC Starter Kit details. You don’t need to do any settings here, and you don’t need to do any power adjustments. All you have to do is press the fire button, and then you can go.

Unlike the high power kit, the pen kit focuses on the taste and resistance it feels. Here you will get a NotchCoil, an atomizer coil similar to the rebuildable coil. This coil supports 20-25w output, ensuring we get a huge cloud and extreme flavor. By the way, if you prefer high-nicotine e-juice or salt-nic, you should not use this device. For high-nicotine vape, the power of this device can make your throat and lungs uncomfortable.

So what kind of user is this device suitable for? It would be a good choice for vapers who want to try massive vapor and want a portable device. As long as you don’t use high-concentration high-nicotine e-juice, the Exceed NC Kit will give you a super shock experience. In particular, its large battery capacity guarantees us all day long. Awesome!

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