With everyone’s growing demand, Vape Mod also evolved from a simple power support into a new lifestyle. The mods we see today are not only powerful but also feature-rich. Most importantly, they all have a very personal appearance. The product introduced today is an impressive vape mod, which is the TOO Box Mod from VOOPOO.


How about the TOO Mod

VOOPOO can be regarded as a rookie in the electronic cigarette industry. After the establishment of the company, it brought us many unique products. For example, it is a very popular Drag Mod. I believe everyone is very impressed with this grayish, large logo with Drag.


In fact, today’s TOO Mod is more playable than Drag. The TOO has three optional Body colors, so the Body represents the vape mod frame in addition to the battery cover. Yes, the best thing is that the TOO mod supports both front and rear battery covers that are removable, and offers four optional color options. You are free to switch the style you want, really super cool, and remove the battery The cover only needs you to hold down the battery cover and slide it to the left, then gently lift the battery cover to remove it. Quite simply.


Unlike other vape mods, the TOO can support two 1860-powered batteries and also supports a single 18650 battery, so you can choose the number of batteries according to your needs. In fact, you can also install two 18650 batteries at the same time, because you also set the desired output value by adjusting the button, but in the case of only one 18650 battery, it allows you to use normally.

What does TOO look like?

TOO’s workmanship and materials are all excellent, so there is no discomfort in holding it, but it is a little bigger than the other two battery-powered vape mods. It is a 510 thread interface, so it can be well compatible with the vape tank on the market. On the whole I was quite satisfied. In the process of using it, the feedback rate was still very rapid and there was no delay.

What do you think about this unique and human-friendly TOO Mod?


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