The OLED screen presents 4 rows of information: TC/Ni/Ti and VW mode. While the device is on, the OLED screen of the IJOY Solo Mini will show VW Mode.

How to use taste control mode?

Take some puffs to find your desired vaping taste before switching to TC mode. Then keep pressing “T” button.
When a new atomizer in TC mode, the screen will display “TC SETUP NEED LEARN MORE THAN 2’S”. Then the device needs to go back to VW mode to learn.
Keep pressing the “T” button, the screen will switch from TC mode to VW mode.

Manage the mode of taste control:

Norm Mode: Calibrate your favorite taste at a wattage firstly, then setting to TC mode, temp percentage shows 100%, that is your favorite wattage chosen before.
Hard Mode: Press up button to increase temp percentage 100% to 101%-102%-…-110%, means the working wattage is increased by percent too.
Soft Mode: Press down button, temp percentage will decrease from 100% to 99%-98%-…-80%, working wattage decrease by percent.


When switch to TC mode on maximum wattage, the temp percentage maximum only can reach 100%. When switching to 100%, the screen will display “MAX WATTAGE”.
To reach the maximum watts output, the battery should be 20A or above.
For better Taste Control, please make sure the atomizer base is well-connected to Solo Mini, and engineers to learn before entering either TC mode.
Keep power off when rebuild the RDA on Solo Mini.
Please make sure the new atomizer has cooled down to room temperature. Otherwise the device will misread the resistance.
When the resistance changes more than 0.06ohm, after re-install the tank, a message will be displayed on the screen. Choose “NEW” or “SAME” by using “UP” and “Down” buttons and “T” button to confirm.
When the resistance changes more than 0.15Ω, the screen will show “NEW ATOMIZER” and the device will automatically switch to VW mode. The default wattage is 15W.
If you take off the tank from Solo Mini for refilling or any other purpose, please go back to VW mode to learn again.

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