What is IJOY Solo Mini?

What is IJOY Solo Mini? IJOY Solo Mini is an upgraded Box Mod of Asolo. It comes with much cuter and more fashionable appearance and new integrated magnetic battery cover based on interchangeable 18650, which is the first and only dry hit prevention box mod. It can support almost all the coil materials in the market, Ti, Ni, Ni-Cr, Kanthal A1, Stainless steel, etc.

How to use Solo Mini?

Installing the batteries
The Solo Mini is a single 18650-battery mod that features a quick-access Slide down the battery cover and put one 18650 cell into the battery body.
(Tips: please use high-rate 18650 cells)

How to power it on/ off?
Press the fire button 5 times in quick succession to turn the device on after switch on, OLED display “IJOY Solo Mini” at stand by mode.
Then, press the fire button 5 times in quick succession to turn the device off.
If you attempt to press the fire button without an atomizer installed, then “NO ATOMIZER” will be displayed.

Reset Function
What is the reset function?
When the atomizers don’t work accurately in Ni/Ti/TC mode, vapers can comply. Reset to read the resistance of atomizer again.
Notice, please make sure the atomizer is cooling down when reset.

How to reset?
Please shutdown the Solo Mini device, press the fire button first then along with the “T” button, the screen will show “reset ok”. So it means having cleared the memories of the before used atomizers.

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  1. Hey, idk what to do the battery is charged and works in other mods but my solo mini wont turn on even after i hit the fire button 5 times but when i chage it it shows that

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