As a veteran e- cigarette player, you have to know many skills of playing e-liquid, however, knowing how to choose good e-liquid is also very important. Following are some tips to help you identify the quality of e-liquid.

—“Observing” skill
When some kind of e-liquid appears in front of you, the first thing that catches your eye is the appearance. Good oil is crystal and clear, the color of which is colorless, light yellow, golden yellow, orange, green, etc.and looks very comfortable. In the absence of nicotine, the oil is generally colorless or light yellow. The second thing you should observe is the amount of smoke, which is not only affected by the atomizer, but also by oil. Of course, it is better if both of them are good enough. Relatively speaking, the e-liquid that can produce large amount smoke is better, because it pumps up effortlessly and make the vaper feel comfortable.

—“Smelling” skill
With a nose to carefully smell the oil, quality oil smells elegant and plump, the remaining fragrance is also very attractive. The smell of the first sensation should not be unpleasant and you may dislike the taste but should not feel unpleasant.

—“Experiencing” skill
In other words, smoking the oil to directly sense its taste, which is the most important step. Be sure to identify the quality of e-liquid by smoking, in that case, you can know the real feeling. The friends who smoke know the feeling of throat. We can say it is the impact on the throat, which is mainly the role of nicotine. The nicotine-free cigarettes basically have no impact on the throat, but with too high nicotine, you will have sting sense.

Have you known these tips? Waiting for your more ideas about how to identify the quality of e-liquid.

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