The emergence of e-cigarettes is a tobacco substitute, so the first e-cigarettes in the styling are imitating traditional cigarettes. This is also what we call the Pen Style Kit.

Pen Style Kit has a cylindrical appearance. The biggest advantage of this type of Kit is Easy-To-Use. The Pen Style Kit generally only has a fire button, and all the controls are done by it.

Some knowledge about Atomizer coil

As a beginner device, Pen Style Kit’s main feature is the taste. Then in this type of vape Kit, manufacturers usually have a flavor coil head. The flavor coil and the vapor beast coil are very different. Low resistance, large output. The lower the resistance will be, the greater the power will be, so the higher the production capacity of the vapor, the less the taste will be. Therefore, the flavor type of the coil resistance will be relatively high, but the high degree of taste reduction. The Pen Style Kit does not need to consider the output problem, because this type of vape Kit can determine the required output power based on the resistance of the coil.

How to choose?

If you are a friend who is interested in mass vapor, then I would suggest that you choose SMOK Stick Prince. Because SMOK has always been leading the production technology in vapor, its cloud beast series is deeply loved by vapor chaser, and now it’s Stick Prince. The performance is even more remarkable. But what you need to consider is that this type of Vape Kit consumes e-liquid quickly, and the coil can only be maintained for a week or two.


If you prefer the taste, Joyetech eGo AIO (buy it from cloumix)will be the best choice. This device should be the best pen style Kit I have used. Although this is not the latest product, for the novice, I still recommend it.


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