Are you confused?

In so many starter kits, are you already dazzled and do not know how to choose? You have this feeling because you haven’t really known about the SINUOUS SW Kit.



The product we are talking about today is the SINUOUS SW Kit from WISMEC. This is a very recognizable starter kit because its design is really unique. Anyway, I have to recognize it in the crowd at a glance. The SINUOUS SW Kit consists of two parts, SINUOUS SW mod and Elabo SW tank. The design of the entire SINUOUS SW Kit can be said to be quite compact, but what is surprising is that it even includes a 3000mAh internal battery. With this large-capacity battery, it can support your long vaping. There is a fire button in front of the mod. If you want to use it, just press and hold the button. Is super easy to use it? The coolest thing is that SINUOUS SW mod supports the Decorative Tubes replacement function. You are free to change the other color of Decorative Tubes you want.

Elabo SW tank has two different glass tubes, so you can choose the E-liquid capacity you want, 2ml or 4ml. It is also equipped with Flip-open Top Filling Design, which makes it easier for beginners to add E-liquid. Of course Elabo SW tank also supports the replacement of WS Coils, just to get you more smoke and better taste.



All right, this is all about today. I hope I can help you. Thank you for watching.

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