I know you need an ultra-portable Slat-Nic device. So, I think you will need an IQ Level Kit. For every user who likes vaping or smoking, portability is paramount. Yes, especially for friends who are very dependent on nicotine.

Hangsen iQ Level

The IQ Kit is an e-cigarette device that is great for carrying around. It has a width of 16.5mm, a depth of 6.5mm and a height of 110. You just need to put it in your pocket, and then you can go out. The 200mAh internal battery provides us with a long lasting vaping time. When the LED indicator continues to blink (battery low), you can charge by connecting a computer or a car charger. It only takes 45 minutes, and it will be reborn.

You used to need to bring a lot of cigarettes on your body when you are out. Now, you only need to bring a pod. Do you know why? A pod can suck 350puffs. This means that a pod is equivalent to 40 cigarettes.


The important thing is that you don’t have to worry about moisture or accidents that will make your cigarettes break. Bring a few pods, and you can easily go out without any worry. Hey, brother, it’s time to change your habits. 3 slat nic pods

Where to buy Hangsen iQ Level Kit? Now will be the best time. Cloumix is ​​in the process of promoting it, and now you can take it at just $16.08. There are more, and you can also get free shipping provided by Cloumix. Don’t say I didn’t remind you, this is a limited promotion. Don’t stay, take the opportunity.

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