The iWũ Pod Kit is Eleaf’s latest Pod System kit. This product comes with a metal protection design and comes in 5 optional colors. With a retractable metal case, the mouthpiece can be hidden when not needed. I think this is a good choice for friends who like to be clean.

Get 6 Things from Eleaf iWũ Pod System Starter Kit

The metal case of the hollowed out design is reminiscent of a super sports car. Of course, the performance of this device can not be underestimated. It has a 1.3 ohm coil and a 14W output to better match our need for high-nicotine vaping. And it uses a side refilling system to better avoid e-juice leaks. If you are interested in this product, let’s take a look at what’s in the Eleaf iWũ Pod kit package:


Get 6 Things from it


One Eleaf iWũ 700mAh battery (this device has 700mAh battery capacity and has a maximum output of 14W)

Two Eleaf iWũ Cartridges (there are two Cartridges here. They can store 2ml e-juice with a 1.3ohm coil head)

An iWũ Cover (this is a cover made of metal)

A User Manual (please read it carefully before use. The user manual will tell us how to use the iWũ Pod kit correctly)

A QC USB Cable (this device supports fast charging technology. Please use this charging cable to ensure the best charging efficiency)


So these are the things you will get from the Eleaf iWũ Pod kit, do you like it?

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