RTA is currently a popular Vape Atomizer type. RTA is an Atomizer structure that allows users to build their own coils, and it also has e-juice storage. On this type of vape tank, it can bring a vaping effect like RDA Atomizer and reduce the frequency of adding e-juice. Core RTA is a Vape Atomizer that I want to share with you.

Core RTA is an RTA Atomizer from the Vapefly brand. It allows us to install two coils at the same time, with an innovative airflow system. So what does this product bring to us? Let us know what’s in the Core RTA package:

Get 6 Things from it

A Vapefly Core RTA 4ml Top Fill Tank (Core RTA has 4ml e-juice storage and 2ml optional version)

A 510 drip tip adapter (this Atomizer uses a 810 drip tip. With the 510 drip tip adapter, we can use the 510 drip tip)

A 4ml bubble glass replacement (this is a spare glass tube. If the pre-installed glass tube is accidentally damaged, we can replace it by ourselves)

A Screw Driver (this product is equipped with a Screw Driver, which makes it easier to install/disassemble the coil)

A User Manual (please read it carefully before use. The user manual will tell us how to use Core RTA correctly)

A Spare Parts Bag (there will be some spare Atomizer sealing plugs here)

So these are the things we will get from Core RTA, what do you think?


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