Design or function, which one is more important? Some people attaches more importance to functions and doesn’t put much emphasis on design, while for some people they value more on the design and would prefer a product with fashionable design even if the functions of it is not of the best. For the later type of vapers, Eleaf iCare Solo is a great option.

As a whole, Eleaf iCare Solo is exquisitely designed with a small size and innovative appearance. In regard to its size, it is 18mm*11mm*104.5mm, from which we can see that it is a flat shaped vape with a tiny size that can be held easily. The drip tip of iCare Solo is also a flat one with a plastic shell that perfectly adapted to the natural shape of lips, which makes the vaping experience better than ever. The battery and drip tip of iCare Solo are perfectly connected, and the streamline design makes it more elegant and smooth.

The appearance design of iCare Solo presents a style of simplicity and elegance. There is only one button, LED lights and USB port on the body of the vape, all of which are the necessary parts. Without redundant decorations, iCare Solo shows a sense of exquisite minimalism. As for the colors, except for conventional colors, iCare Solo are available for cyan, red and golden. Color allocation of iCare Solo also presents minimalist design. It is of solid colors without patterns or pictures for decoration.

With such a small size, the battery capacity and tank capacity are also smaller, which is 350mAh and 1.5ml. Compared with those powerful vapes, iCare Solo are obviously not competitive. But it can satisfy the need for daily usage and are especially suitable for vapers without much need for a great wattage output and capacity.

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