If you are a vaper looking for uniqueness, then I think this product introduced today will be your best choice. Because its appearance is so unique, it can be recognized at a glance in many vape mods. It is the GENIE PD270 KIT from IJOY.


The GENIE PD270 KIT is a new product of IJOY. Its appearance adds a very personalized serpentine design, making the entire Kit look very stylish and eye-catching. It also supports the replacement of the leather sticker, so you can switch the style you want. I think the coolest thing is that it comes with an RGB backlight that lets you light up the lights during vaping. In addition it also offers 5 kinds of light colors to choose from, allowing you to freely define the style you want. Let’s take a look at how it performs.

How powerful is the GENIE PD270 mod?

The GENIE PD270 mod is powered by two 20700 batteries and supports a maximum output of 234W. So you don’t need to worry, it will bring you strong power support. Of course, it also supports firmware upgrade through the USB charging port, allowing your mod to keep up with your vaping requirements. It has a display on the front that allows you to see the output information and battery status intuitively. Is it convenient?


How is Captain S Tank’s performance?

Captain S Tank has 4ml of e-liquid storage space, so it will give you a more convenient vaping experience. Well, it comes with the latest no-thread coil design, so the disassembly of the coil becomes even easier. It also supports the replacement of CA2 and CA3 coil systems, giving you an unparalleled taste and unimaginable amount of smoke. Captain S also comes with a bottom airflow control system, giving you the freedom to control the vaping effects you want.




Will this powerful vape mod and versatile vape tank be your choice?

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