Yes, this time we continue to discuss SMOK. If you often read my articles, you will find that when I introduced SMOK products, the most common word is CRAZY! This is not a lie, SMOK really brings us this feeling every time. So today’s Resa Prince Tank will make us crazy again?


What does the Resa Prince Tank bring us?

Resa Prince Tank is SMOK’s latest sub-ohm tank, a high performance Vape Tank. The Resa Prince consists of a mixture of cobra elements and a new bulb glass tube, so the appearance is not only exquisite but also very durable. What I have to say is that it really does not make you low-key. With this new bulb glass tube, it has 7.5ml of large e-liquid storage space.


How is the performance of Resa Prince Tank?

SMOK also offers nine optional colors, I think you will find the one that suits you. The Resa Prince Tank has an adjustable airflow control system on the bottom,so you can freely control the taste you want. In addition, Resa Prince can be used with TFV12 PRINCE CORES to give you unprecedented taste and incredible amount of vapor. It has to be said that the Resa Prince Tank can be used with the T10 light coil and the T10 coil can support up to 100W output, giving you a better vaping experience. It must be said that this coil can emit red light when you vaping. Of course, it also comes with our familiar top filling system, so adding e-liquid is no longer a hassle.

Resa Prince Tank


So, does Resa Prince Tank, which has so much storage space and high performance, surprise you? You are welcome to leave me a message, tell me your idea. Of course, if you want to buy this product you can also buy directly to why? Because it is really fast delivery.

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