Are you looking for the Aspire Spryte Kit? This is an electronic cigarette with a 650mAh battery and can store 3.5ml e-juice. On this device, we will get two different effects of the coil head. This time you will be completely immersed in the taste of vape.

As the Aspire product, the biggest feature is the vape experience. There may not be a cool design on this device, but it gives us an unprecedented nicotine experience. You will get two different coil heads from Aspire, one is 1.8-ohm BVC Coil, and the other is 1.2-ohm BVC Coil (for nicotine salt). Now we don’t need to carry two Pod Tanks at the same time, and we get different vape effects.

Of course, there is also an adjustable airflow control system available in the Sub-Ohm Tank. So what do you think?

Do you want one? Where to buy Aspire Spryte AIO Starter Kit? Cloumix will give you the best service. Buy now, and you can not only get the six-month warranty provided by Cloumix but also free shipping. Most importantly, Cloumix promises 24-hour fast delivery, allowing you to get products faster. What are you waiting for?

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