Recently Aspire pushed out a new product — Aspire Revvo Tank. As their loyal fan, I bought it immediately. There is no doubt that it didn’t make me disappointed, instead, it gave me big surprises by its innovative design. Aspire think it as their most innovative product and it is worthy of the name that Aspire Revvo Tank is the most innovative product in the whole e-cigarette market.

First it must be its innovative replaceable core. No one has designed such an innovative core as Aspire. Special replaceable core, the graceful arc, Aspire radial coil and the “stove – top” at the same level all make this product charming. Besides the real secret of its design is the increased surface area of the coil so that it can produce full-bodied flavor and large smoke.

Then I want to introduce its second innovative design of the Revvo tank. At the center of the tank, the designer put a spring filling in pipe through the mouthpiece. The pipe is so soft that any kind of bottle or glass pipe even of the lightest pressure can open it. By this we users can see the amount of e-quid directly.

Last but not least, the designer also designed an impressive air system. Aspire Revvo tank has a completely adjustable top air system. The air is taken in by three air grooves to surround the core, which can produce the most full-bodied flavor and give us users the best vaping experience.

Although Aspire Revvo tank has many innovative designs, its fundamental part is also perfect. You must consider it the easiest among all e-cigarettes that we change the Aspire core of Revvo tank. We just need to simply turn on the top cover, loosen the core, install screws, strike the used one and put a new one. Then it is all ok. Besides, the screw can also be used as protector as an additional function.

Aspire even claimed that Aspire Revvo tank is their most innovative product, which can meet the demand of the most captious person. I believe in Aspire’s brand and so I enjoy the perfect usage experience of Aspire Revvo Tank.

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